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The easiest, yet most versatile way to colour your handmade melt and pour soap is by using soap colour blocks!

Each order ships with a free sample. Our latest sample is the Mica White Clouds Shimmer Colour Block. Simply add your sample to approximately 100g of melted clear base, add 1-3g of fragrance, pour into a mould, allow to cool and enjoy!


Colour Your Soap With

Check out our huge range of colour blocks! They perform consistently and are great value for money. You can buy one cube, which is enough to colour up to 4.5kg of soap, for just $3!

Stained glass colour blocks create a vibrant colour in clear soap bases. Neon blocks are extremely bright and perfect for summer! Mica sparkle colour blocks contain concentrated mica and will give your clear bases an ethereal, shimmery colour.


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