How to get a $5 Store Credit

If you used one of our fragrance oils for cold process soap, you can earn $5 online store credit by reviewing the following (you must answer all four points in your review and you must be a verified buyer).

If you’re the first reviewer of the fragrance, you’ll get $10 store credit!

Once you submit the review and it’s approved I’ll send through the store credit. If you don’t answer all of the required points or aren’t a verified buyer, you won’t get the credit, so please ensure you’re logged in and answer all four points.

How did this colour perform in your soap with respect to:

  • Ricing?
  • Discolouration?
  • Acceleration?
  • Did it stick well in the soap or did it fade?

To review a product, navigate to the product online and click the “Discussion” tab.

This offer is valid for qualifying reviews made on or after the 12th May 2022.

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