Powdered Colours

Powdered Colours - Lakes (Bath Bomb Colourants)

Powdered Colours - Mica Colours

Mica Colours

For a limited time, earn double points on our new micas and neons!

To help you choose your colours online we have used a Pantone application to ‘match’ industry standard colours! Extra points if you can find a mica with a Pantone colour of the year (Living Colour, Ultra Violet or Greenery from the last 3 years).

These micas are made from superior-grade synthetic fluorophogopite.

They are suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications. For liquid applications, disperse in oil, water, glycerine or isopropyl alcohol.

Please note, these photos are guides only. If you are unsure of a colour, please order a small bag first and thoroughly test in your application.

Powdered Colours - Mica Sparkles

Mica Sparkles

Powdered Colours - Neons


For a limited time, earn double points on our new micas and neons!

Powdered Colours - Nutone

These colours have been replaced with our new range of micas. They are exactly  the same product, from a different supplier at a much better price-point! We also have a larger range of colours now, so check them out!


If you’re looking to match a colour that you’ve previously bought, you should be able to match up the ingredients. If you’re unable to find the ingredients, send us an email at and we will be happy to help you match the colours 🙂

Powdered Colours - Oil Locking Micas

Oil Locking Micas

Powdered Colours - Oxide Pigments

Powdered Colours - Sample Sets

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