All-Natural Home Cleaning Kit – Ready to Use

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This kit is all your home needs to keep it clean (naturally)! It contains:

  • 2 x Re-usable Spray Bottles (heavy-duty and great for any application)
  • 1kg of Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • 1kg of Multi-Purpose Cleaner + Sanitiser
  • 2  Bottle Labels (Free)

This is enough ready-to-use cleaner to fill each bottle twice (4 refills in total). The cleaners come in 1kg pouches and you just refill the bottles as required.

We like to have one bottle full of the Multi-Purpose Cleaner for general cleaning of benches, tables and windows/splashbacks/mirrors (it leaves them sparkling!).

We then fill the other bottle with our Multi-Purpose Cleaner + Sanitiser. This sanitising cleaner is amazing on bathrooms, contaminated kitchen benches and chopping boards, and any other surface that needs to be left spotless, sparkling and sanitised. Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner + Sanitiser contains an all natural active ingredient which is a combination of fatty acids and botanical extracts. This patented natural active ingredient known as L42 is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. It is registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) as it has been tested to meet their requirements as an effective sanitiser.

It kills bacteria, fungi and viruses and is food safe.

Both of our ready to use cleaners in this kit are completely plant-based and free from parabens/alcohol/other synthetic products. You won’t believe natural can be so effective!


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