Christmas Pine Fragrance Oil

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The true smell of Christmas, is pine needles pinecones! Great for any festive application such as soap, candles, home fragrancing, bath bombs and more!

Vanillin: TBA in the coming days

Vanillin Content: TBA in the coming days

DEP Free: TBA in the coming days

IFRA Rates: TBA in the coming days

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm

100ml, 1l, 200ml, 30ml, 500ml, 50ml


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IFRA Usage Guidelines For This Product

Class 1: 6.66%
Class 2: 8.66%
Class 3: 33.32%
Class 4: 100%
Class 5: 0%
Class 6: 100%
Class 7: 19.99%
Class 8: 100%
Class 9: 100%
Class 10: 100%
Class 11: 100%
Flash Point: TBA DegC
Vanilla Content: 0%

Fragrance Calculator

Use this much fragrance in your soap (as long as it's not more than recommended by IFRA usage levels).
Phthalate Free:
Country of Origin: Australia

A Quick Summary of the Major IFRA Categories

IFRA class(es) [see respective product IFRA guidance for usage levels] This Class Includes (but is not limited to)
Class 2 Deodorants.
Class 3 Eye Products, Men’s Facial Creams and Balms, Baby Creams/Lotions/Oils).
Class 4 Cologne, Parfum, Lotions, Oils, Solid Perfume.
Class 5 Facial Creams/Facial Make-up, Baby Powder and Talc.
Class 7 Baby Wipes, Insect Repellant.
Class 8 Make-up Removers, Hair Styling Aids Non Spray (Mousse, Gels, Leave-in Conditioners), Nail Care, Powders and talcs (except baby).
Class 9 Conditioner (rinse-off), Liquid Soap, Shampoos (including baby), Face Cleansers, Shaving Creams, Body Washes (including baby), Bar Soap (toilet soap), Bath Gels, Bath Foams, Bath Mousses, Bath Salts, Aerosol Air-Freshener Sprays.
Class 10 Handwash and Machine Wash Laundry Detergents, Fabric Softeners, Household Cleaning Products,Pet Shampoos, Toilet Seat Wipes, Hand Dishwashing Detergents
Class 11 Candles, Air Fresheners (plug-ins, solid substrate, membrane delivery, electrical).

Actual use level or maximum use level. This table is for information only and we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please do your own research before developing/selling/giving away products.

We have omitted Class 6 from this list as this class includes toothpastes and mouthwashes. These fragrances are not formulated for this application and we do not recommend their use for these products.

IMPORTANT: These levels are calculated based on the ingredients of the fragrance and are the absolute maximum that can be used. They do NOT represent recommended usage rates as are often much higher than would be appropriate for your given formulation. It is up to you to formulate and test your recipe. Bayside Soap takes no responsibility for the products that you make and/or distribute/sell using our products.

Bayside Soap accepts no liability for the products that you create with our products. It is your responsibility to thoroughly test your products before using them, selling them or giving them to friends and family.

Reference Document: QRA Informational Booklet
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