Tall and Skinny Loaf Silicone Mould

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A nice change from the traditional (regular) loaf mould. Great for layers/rainbow soaps.

Volume: 1.4kg of water. Soap will be a little less as it is heavier.

Use: Melt and pour, cold process and hot process soap.

Inner Dimensions: 30.5cm x 5.6cm x 8.5cm

Soap pour temperature Range: 40 – 230 degrees Celsius.

Care: Avoid using sharp objects to un-mould your soap and hand-wash only as the dishwasher may distort the silicone. Do not use next to open flames, on stove-tops or inside operational ovens.

Tips: If you’re filling over half way, we recommend supporting the sides of the mould to avoid bowing by propping heavy books or similar objects on either side.

Un-moulding: Once your soap is hard/dry, gently pull the long sides apart allowing air to break the seal all the way down to the bottom. Repeat this for the short sides. Now invert the mould and pull the long sides apart gently and slowly until the base of the soap has been released for the vacuum. Your soap should slowly slide out.

Country of Origin: China

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 10 cm


1 mould, 10 moulds, 2 moulds, 5 moulds


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