Wholesale Stephenson Soap Bases

Wholesale Soap Bases (Stephenson Brand)

Pre-orders closed on the 7th Jan 2020 @ 12pm. They will open again on the 1st Feb .


and your order will ship to you approximately 7 days later

Stephenson soap bases are shipped as they are packaged from the supplier, in either bulk 11.5kg cartons, or cartons of 12 x 1kg tubs. Often these tubs are unlabelled.

Wholesale orders open on the 2nd of each month and are open until the 15th of each month. Orders are placed directly with the supplier on the 16th of each month and the lead-time from this point varies but is usually around 7 days until they arrive at our warehouse. Time to ship to you from our warehouse is extra.

Please be aware that these items do not ship as soon as you place an order. Soap bases ship to our warehouse from the supplier then they ship to you.

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